vLinkD has really embraced our objectives. They’ve actually hit all the goals we had put forward and at the end of the day it’s our customers who are seeing the benefits. They love the portal—it’s easy, accessible and secure at all times.

Matthew Roddis, Rawlinsons

Need a tailored solution? We delivered for Rawlinsons.

At vLinkD, we don’t just help you make the most of existing technologies—should you need it, we can even develop a tailored solution just for your business.

Respected publishing house Rawlinsons came to us with a very industry specific challenge—they wanted to make the most of online publishing for their construction industry clients, but could see that data security and illegal downloads posed a real threat to their business.

Before making the shift to digital subscriptions, they came to vLinkD, and with their brief in hand we set about developing a custom configured digital publication platform that would give Rawlinsons’ subscribers all the benefits of reading online (like search, highlighting, page marking) without exposing their publications to illegal downloads.

As Rawlinsons’ Director of Publishing, Matthew Roddis, told us, ‘We did dabble in the technology 17 years ago,

but it was too early for our industry. Now we can see that our industry requires digital publishing, so we wanted to keep up, but we also wanted our product to be exceptionally secure.’

Our team got to work. We looked at the brief, their customer’s needs, and how best to use technology to not just develop a user-friendly product, but one that could protect and even grow their profitability.

From integrating popular SaaS options into your business, or creating custom solutions designed to tackle key industry threats, such as data security, the vLinkD team are able to solve your challenges, and create solutions you and your customers love.

Best of all, our technology experts, are actually quite human. But don’t take our word for it, as Matthew reports: ‘We couldn’t ask for more in the way they actually understood our thoughts and desires for the product. They’re part of the family now.’

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