Real Estate

Real Estate


The Challenge

  • The client found themselves driving the processes.
  • Previous experience with an agency came with lengthy ongoing briefing processes for content generation/curation.
  • Quality of content being generated/curated was less than satisfactory.
  • Brand had no clear definition
    • i The benefits or selling points were not up front.
    • ii Language needed to be personalised

The Goals

  • Development of a positioning statement;
  • Design new website (and sitemap), with new top-level copy for pages;
  • Brand Guidance – to ensure that the new website’s design, user experience and content all work harmoniously to cement and reinforce the Brand Positioning;
  • SEO and Content (blog article) Generation – building upon the path/work established in 2017;
  • Social Media Marketing – to further efforts to drive traffic to the website (which houses generated content) and build brand awareness/loyalty;
  • Digital Lead Generation and Stewardship – to run online advertising campaigns to attract sales leads and nurture decision makers as they evaluate their options;
  • Mass Media Advertising and Promotion.

The Results

  • 25% growth on organic traffic
  • 20% increase in amount of time a person spends on the website, consuming content
  • 20% growth in traffic from Social Media
  • More than 4,600 new visitors from paid sources
This culminated in their best-ever month of sales in over 15 years.

What We Did

  • Developing a position statement to help clarify and articulate the brand positioning with a benefits and conversion focus
  • New website development, including:
    • Creation of a new sitemap
    • Copy development to fit the new positioning statement
  • Conceptualisation, design and layout of new website
  • Relevant integrations to 3rd party platforms and programs
  • Testing, migration and deployment
  • Development of Lead Generation Collateral, specifically:
    • Facebook/LinkedIn advert templates;
    • Press advertising template;
    • Scripting of 1x video production (consisting of 1x main production + 2x short-edits)
    • Campaign email templates
    • Landing page templates;
    • eBook Template;
    • Building automated marketing workflow and rules
    • Point-to-point production, execution and management of campaign.

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