Gig Economy

The Challenge

The Challenge

  • Having briefly been tested in the Singapore market, The Butler was looking to launch in Australia.
  • The Butler had a great name and strong logo, but beyond this, there was little by way of clearly defined brand persona, tone of voice and positioning. And they did not have the necessary insight into the Australian market.
  • Technology that was previously used was outdated and had bugs/errors that affected service delivery and performance, not to mention user experience.

The Goals

  • Development of a Brand Strategy that
    • Determined the market position;
    • Defined the tone of voice and provided guidelines for website and social media content.
  • New website (content and design) with suggestions for social media content
  • Development of a creative device, a point of differentiation, to serve as a base/anchor for the customer journey and experience.
  • Audit, revise/update the technology and coding being used to bring it up to speed of current international best practice.
Data centre

The Results

  • Refreshed brand that resonates with – and relevant to – the current market.
  • App platform that integrates local eCommerce and Auditing protocols.
  • Incorporation of a technology framework (designed and implemented by vLinkD) that is scalable and flexible to enable the integration of emerging technologies.

What We Did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Plan and Strategy
  • Software Development

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