Our Work


Business Challenge

Software Development | Business Process Mapping

  • Transitioning from a print-based publication to incorporate digital subscriptions.
  • To ensure a system that’s able to ensure the integrity of publications, considering a recent case of unauthorised copy and distribution of content.

Health Services

Business Challenge

Customer Profiling and Targeting | SEO | Content Generation | Digital Lead Generation and Stewardship

  • Reducing the dependence on ad-hoc strategies/initiatives.
  • Improving the brand messaging and identify to improve the footprint.
  • Developing strategies and initiatives that would help deliver new customer leads.

Real Estate

Business Challenge

Brand Positioning | Digital Lead Generation |
Website Development with 3rd-party integrations

  • The client found themselves driving the processes.
  • Previous experience with an agency came with lengthy ongoing briefing processes for content generation/curation.
  • Quality of content being generated/curated was less than satisfactory.
  • Brand had no clear definition
    • The benefits or selling points were not up front.
    • Language needed to be personalised

Gig Economy

Business Challenge

Brand Strategy | Website Development |
Social Media Strategy and Plan | Software Development

  • Having briefly been tested in the Singapore market, The Butler was looking to launch in Australia.
  • The Butler had a great name and strong logo, but beyond this, there was little by way of clearly defined brand persona, tone of voice and positioning. And they did not have the necessary insight into the Australian market.
  • Technology that was previously used was outdated and had bugs/errors that affected service delivery and performance, not to mention user experience.

Non-Governmental Organisation

Business Challenge

Data Audit | Database Consilidation |
Data Collection and Management Principals, Policies and Procedures

Multiple data repositories that were not synchronised and/or interconnected/integrated, resulting in:
  • Invalid Contact Data
  • Loss in Revenue
  • Delays in making decisions, resulting in operation inefficiencies and costs

Engineering Consultancy

Business Challenge

Data Migration | Data Verification and Correction |
Data Remigration | Microsoft SharePoint Customisation

Tenant migration to SharePoint (customised theme) was not conducted properly, thereby affecting:
  • Page/Data display
  • Backlinks
  • Webparts

Data Centre

Business Challenge

Brand Audit and Strategy |
Marketing Collateral Copy Development | Website Development |
Animation & Motion Graphics

  • To clarify and strengthen the brand positioning, ensuring the brand foundations will carry the business through to the next stage of growth.
  • Position the branding to align with the expectations of the market/sector, establishing client trust and conveying quality and assurance.
  • To define the brand persona, target market, and tone of voice—who you are as a brand, and why that matters to your desired customer base.

Internet and Telecommunications Retailer

Business Challenge

Website Redevelopment | Content Generation and Marketing | SEO | Digital Lead Generation Strategy and Stewardship

A Communications Services Provider was facing the following pain points:
  • Outdated website design that was unresponsive
  • Bloated with content
  • Google AdWords Campaigns were not performing to expectation
  • No lead generation and/or lead stewardship strategy