Agile Software Development

3 ways agile software development can benefit your business and its people

Agile software development (ASD) is an approach to software development that advocates for adaptive planning, early delivery, and continuous improvement. ASD is designed to seek solutions through collaboration between cross-functional teams and the software’s end users. Understanding ASD Unlike traditional software engineering, agile software development is best suited to complex systems and product development with dynamic, non-deterministic and non-linear characteristics ...
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Website Development Trends

Five top website development trends in 2019

As with the start to recent years, 2019 has brought with it the promise of innovative, fresh ideas in the web development world. The digital revolution is continuing to set trends and offer us new technologies for programmers and developers who will rejoice over them. It’s always exciting to learn about the newest software and web design apps, as well ...
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SEO Mistakes

4 SEO mistakes you might have made

We all make mistakes from time to time, it's all part of learning after all. But mistakes are only useful if you know you've made them so that you can develop and move past them. When it comes to SEO, it's all too easy to fall into bad practices without realising, so here are some mistakes you should be watching ...
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Business Intelligence

What is business intelligence and why do you need it?

Business Intelligence, or BI, has been a buzzword for some time. But what does it actually mean and what difference can it make to a business? What is BI? BI is all about harnessing technology to analyse business data. In order to make sense of any kind of data, it’s necessary to transform it into a comprehensible format. BI does ...
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Integrated Marketing Communications

Why your business needs Integrated Marketing Communications

When it comes to spreading the word about your business, it's important to ensure the message is consistent across all marketing channels. Consistency plays strongly into brand reputation, which enhances consumer confidence when it comes to your business's product or service offering. In order to ensure your messaging remains consistent, it's valuable to implement an Integrated Marketing Communications strategy for ...
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Importance of User Experience

The importance of understanding user experience

The latest technology and an expertly designed website, unfortunately, do not always guarantee sales. To improve the profitability of your business and digital marketing efforts it is important to consider user experience and its effect on your sales. Looking objectively at your business and the user experience you have created can help to identify areas where your business needs to ...
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Custom App Development

How a custom app can boost your business

Is your digital marketing plan feeling a little lacklustre? There’s an app for that. Or there could be. While custom software development may not be part of the standard marketing playbook, the development of an app is a move that achieves many marketing objectives - and achieves them in both the short and long term, too. An app can help ...
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Website Performance

Tips on how to boost website performance

When you’ve invested heavily in your website, it can be deeply frustrating to find that your sales levels stay static. Maybe you've even seen a big upturn in website visitor numbers, but lead conversion is poor. This can happen when organisations believe that a smart, well-designed website – backed by such activities as Pay Per Click – are the answer ...
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digital marketing plan

Why you need a digital marketing plan

In recent years digital marketing has grown exponentially, presenting some great opportunities to capitalise on business success and growth. But while digital marketing offers the potential for increased leads and sales, you need a cohesive plan to make things work. A thorough digital marketing plan will bring everything together in an organised way, ensuring that the actions you take daily ...
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5 tips for better software design

5 tips for better software design

So, you've got a great idea for an app or software program and you really want to make it work. You've scribbled down some ideas and chatted about the logistics, but now you're feeling a bit lost. To help you ensure your software is attractive, useful and user-friendly, here are 5 tips for better software design. Stick to a design ...
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