Application Development

Everything you need to know about application development

Put simply, application development is the process of creating a set of programs (or computer programs) to perform different tasks required by a business. From scheduling sales reports to generating feedback and analytics, applications help companies increase efficiency and automate processes. But what are the different types of application development, and what process does app-building entail? The app-building process Every ...
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Data Mining

What is data mining and how can it help your business?

Here at vLinkD, we offer business intelligence solutions to help your enterprise make smarter, more informed decisions. As part of this, our data mining offering is particularly popular among our clients. But what, exactly, is data mining – and how can it help businesses like yours when it comes to making decisions? What is data mining? At its simplest level, ...
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Streamlining Communication

Streamlining communications after a merger or acquisition for business growth

The increasing number of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) of small regional firms validates it as a viable business growth strategy. However, too often we see mergers or acquisitions not attain full potential in a timely manner due to productivity downturn, customer attrition or loss of fundamental people. Establishing a strategic plan that handles communication following a merger or acquisition is ...
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Strategic Business Planning

Tips on strategic business planning for small businesses

A business strategy is a working plan that a business employs to achieve its objectives. However, a business strategy is often forgotten as the day-to-day activities of running a company take precedence. At some point in the near future, you may even realise that the course of your business has changed and no longer reflects your business strategy. If you ...
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Digital Transformation Tips

Tips for handling the digital transformation for your business

Most businesses want to do more with less. Digital transformation consulting will guide you towards an all-in-one solution to help you streamline processes, improve efficiency & ultimately increase profits for your business. From an in-depth business audit, through to IT strategy and application development, the importance of strategic planning is crucial for a successful transition to digital. In this post, ...
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Micro Influencer in Instagram

The power of micro-influencers on Instagram

When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, you probably already know that Instagram is a vital tool for getting your business to the front of your audience's minds. You might even know a little bit about social media influencers. These people usually have massive followings, flawless aesthetics, and tout dozens of products from swimsuits to phone cases. However, have ...
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Hijack hashtags for digital success

Getting a piggyback off hot news is very common in PR. However, in this technological age, it is also possible to capitalise on social media trends. When done well, hijacking a hashtag can be an extremely successful way to boost your marketing and communications strategy and boost business growth. However, this is a risky maneuver that can easily end in ...
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Digital Marketing Tools

5 digital marketing tools to help speed up your processes

A crucial part of scaling your company and helping it to grow in profitability comes down to automating mundane processes. Well, the nature of digital marketing is that you are required to perform a number of simple tasks every day to keep up with your schedule. This could involve things like sharing posts across your social media accounts or crafting ...
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Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

4 digital marketing trends you should be focusing on in 2018

If you speak to anyone who has been in marketing for more than 20 years, they will tell you that the landscape today is completely different to what it was two decades ago. Marketing is an evolving science that changes to suit new technologies and consumer preferences. In fact, digital marketing has to be the fastest evolving form of marketing ...
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Business Strategy

5 top tips to make sure your business strategy succeeds

The importance of strategic planning cannot be ignored, especially if you have an ambitious business plan. However, having a strategy laid out is not enough. Instead, you need to ensure the plan is up to the task and is tailored to your business's needs. As such, here are five top tips to help make sure your business strategy succeeds. 1 ...
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