Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing Strategy

Why search engine optimisation is key in digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing is the buzzword any business owner or marketer should now be familiar with. Many people assume a digital marketing strategy aligns with utilising social media channels. However, there is more to digital marketing than you might think. While social media can be an extremely effective way to improve your brand or company's reach, there are many other ways ...
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App Development

The 3 things to avoid in app development

With mobile technology booming, more and more businesses are using apps to reach out and connect with their audience like never before. After all, what could be better than being a constant presence in someone's pocket, available at any time and in any place? It's all well and good to have dreams, but if you're making these mistakes with your ...
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Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

5 reasons your business needs an integrated marketing communications strategy

An integrated marketing communications strategy is certainly a mouthful to say, but it is becoming one of the most popular phrases for companies using this marketing channel. This strategy ensures that the key messages a company wishes to convey are streamlined across all their platforms. Whether it be internally, via email or across advertising and digital, an integrated marketing communications ...
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Digital Marketing Consultant

3 amazing things a digital marketing consultant can do to boost business

As the world turns digital, businesses are having to adapt their traditional marketing strategies to meet the global pace of evolution. ‘Soft skills’ such as digital marketing skills are becoming more in demand in the workforce. The rise of the need for digital marketing expertise in progressive companies is spreading globally. A digital marketing consultant is a challenging role in ...
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4 ways to stay ahead of the disruptive change

Disruption can be either a good or bad thing, depending on where you stand – as a disruptor or the disrupted. Building and sustaining a culture of change and innovation makes a business less likely to be blindsided by the latest trends in technology. Here are four ways to stay ahead of disruptive change in any industry. 1. User-centric decisions ...
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Digital Marketing Strategy

How to ensure your digital marketing strategy stays on-brand

Maintaining a strong brand identity that lets customers know your company’s goals and passions is key to building a successful business. Indeed, a brand that appears to know its customers and is consistent across a number of channels will build strong relationships with its clients and make a name for itself in a given sector. However, whilst many marketers are ...
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Application Development

Everything you need to know about application development

Put simply, application development is the process of creating a set of programs (or computer programs) to perform different tasks required by a business. From scheduling sales reports to generating feedback and analytics, applications help companies increase efficiency and automate processes. But what are the different types of application development, and what process does app-building entail? The app-building process Every ...
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Data Mining

What is data mining and how can it help your business?

Here at vLinkD, we offer business intelligence solutions to help your enterprise make smarter, more informed decisions. As part of this, our data mining offering is particularly popular among our clients. But what, exactly, is data mining – and how can it help businesses like yours when it comes to making decisions? What is data mining? At its simplest level, ...
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Streamlining Communication

Streamlining communications after a merger or acquisition for business growth

The increasing number of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) of small regional firms validates it as a viable business growth strategy. However, too often we see mergers or acquisitions not attain full potential in a timely manner due to productivity downturn, customer attrition or loss of fundamental people. Establishing a strategic plan that handles communication following a merger or acquisition is ...
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Strategic Business Planning

Tips on strategic business planning for small businesses

A business strategy is a working plan that a business employs to achieve its objectives. However, a business strategy is often forgotten as the day-to-day activities of running a company take precedence. At some point in the near future, you may even realise that the course of your business has changed and no longer reflects your business strategy. If you ...
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