Online Marketing Services

How to leverage online marketing services to boost your business brand

Today’s online marketing landscape has changed considerably in the last 30 years. Technological advancements are taking businesses away from investing in print advertisements and moving them towards online marketing services that include voice searches and retargeting campaigns. Online consumerism continues to rapidly grow, and brands need to get savvier and smarter with their online marketing activities if they expect to ...
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Transforming insights into a winning strategy

Transforming insights into a winning strategy

It’s a common concern for any business: a target audience being inundated with messages and content from its brand and competitors. Recent research suggests that, on average, an individual is likely to be exposed to anywhere between 4,000 to 10,000 ads and message signals a day. With all that noise, how can a brand stand out? A leading marketing thinker, ...
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Business Strategy for the Future

Business strategy for the future

Strategy as a concept is setting the direction of your business and then planning out how to achieve it. As a theory, its been around since the 1950s and continues to be an essential element of business today. What is a Business Strategy? Business strategy and developing your strategic business plan are terms that we often hear and they apply ...
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Digital Transformation Strategy

The 6 pillars of an effective digital transformation strategy

From apps and cashless payments to digital marketing strategies, every business has a facet that has gone digital. With a digital transformation strategy, your business is in good stead to adapt to changing market circumstances quickly. If you are deliberating on a digital transformation strategy for your business, this article discusses the 6 pillars to conceptualise and implement it. They ...
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Software Development Life Cycle

Software development life cycles (SDLC) and choosing the right model

In any software or applications development project, selecting the right development life cycle methodology can be a challenging task. The stages, or tiers, make the process even more difficult as they vary by repeatability and priority. A software development company can choose a development life cycle for you, but this can pose a risk. Especially if you don’t quite understand ...
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Social media marketing strategy

Why social media is a key part of any digital marketing plan

Social media is an important tool for business owners who want to push their brand. As a crucial element of any modern digital marketing plan, it can be used to establish a relationship with a target market, build a brand’s reputation and increase sales. Social media also allows businesses to harness client reviews and keep an eye on the competition ...
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Digital Marketing Strategy

4 myths that could be harming your digital marketing strategy

The world of digital marketing is a broad and ever-changing one. Whilst some companies are content with simply hosting a website and a couple of social media accounts, others are getting involved with cutting-edge technologies such as AI chatbots and interactive videos. Ultimately, the extent to which you invest in new digital marketing strategies will very much depend on the ...
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Digital Marketing Plan

The six steps to creating your digital marketing plan

Are you looking to build a digital marketing plan for your business, but are unsure where to start? Firstly, it’s important to bear in mind some basics - namely: a digital marketing plan should clearly outline how you plan to achieve your online marketing goals. It should detail what you’re going to need to hit your targets while auditing your ...
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Strategic Planning

Why is strategic planning essential?

Strategic planning can be described as laying out the procedures and policies that enable your business to define its position in the market over a specific period of time. If you are considering strategic planning, then this may cover a range of aspects that influence productivity and profit, from the work environment to the structure of your business, and the ...
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Business Innovation

Innovation – the ultimate key to business success

What is innovation? Being innovative is a unique trait that allows entrepreneurs and business owners to adapt to changes and create improved processes to better serve their clients. It's viewed as the application of improved solutions to meet new requirements and needs, or existing marketing needs as customer trends change. Possessing innovative traits enables a business to stand out in ...
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