Search Engine Optimisation Myths

The SEO Myths Destroying Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Search engine optimisation, known worldwide as SEO, is the cornerstone of digital marketing, alongside social media and effective marketing strategising. While businesses recognise SEO as an online component they need to address, even master, the wealth of incorrect knowledge and misleading assumptions flooding the internet make it impossible to truly understand the right pathway for any SEO strategy, new or ...
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5 ways to avoid growth chaos and remain competitive

5 ways to avoid growth chaos and remain competitive

While things may look chaotic at the start of a growth cycle, it shouldn't be a trait of growing small businesses. In this article, we share steps that you can take to avoid growth chaos. When done well, it can lead to cost-effective solutions in managing growing pains. Instead of being faced with growth or decline, it'll be grow-and-prosper. Every ...
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Basics of Digital Marketing

The 4 basics of digital marketing for your company

A successful digital marketing strategy is essential for every company these days, but how do you create one? Below we explain the basics to help you define and execute a digital marketing strategy. 1. Define your digital marketing strategy Online channels should complement the other channels your company uses for digital marketing. That means your digital marketing strategy must align ...
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Importance of understanding a target audience

The importance of understanding a target audience

A deep and comprehensive understanding of the target audience makes or breaks a marketing campaign. With an intimate understanding of the target audience, you'll know the pain point, desired solution as well as the best way to market to them. Too many small businesses skip the need to acquire this understanding. They fall prey to ideas because they are “gimmicky” ...
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Digital Transformation

How to get started using innovation to drive growth

In the recent 2019 Global Innovation Index, Australia ranked 22nd, well behind some of the world's smallest economies like Singapore, Luxembourg and Iceland. It is interesting to note as well, in a survey commissioned by Ricoh, only 2 in 5 Australian business leaders believe innovation is critical to business survival. One would expect a higher figure given the intense nature ...
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Digital Marketing Metrics

Useful metrics for every digital marketing strategy

Many people believe that the success of a digital marketing strategy can be measured by leads and sales alone. This could not be further from the truth. The ways in which marketing outcomes are measured are becoming increasingly granular - and can be very useful when it comes to determining whether - for example - your brand strategy needs tweaking, ...
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Digital Marketing Mistakes

How to conquer digital marketing mistakes to win customers

Digital marketing comes with a wealth of mistakes that are all too easily made. Get digital marketing right, however, and your business will be in a strong position to increase sales and company growth. So, which mistakes should you be aware of, so you can ensure you don't make them? 1. The absence of a clear set of objectives This ...
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Customer Centric Strategy

How to accelerate growth with a customer-centric strategy

In an Econsultancy study, 58% of businesses surveyed mentioned that being customer-centric is critical to establishing a truly digital-native culture. But interestingly, a Harvard Business Review article stated that only 14% of CMOs reported customer-centricity is a focus of their companies. If you're planning a digital transformation leap for your business, having a customer-centric strategy wrapped around your digital marketing ...
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Future of Digital Marketing

The future of digital marketing, and what this means for your business

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and the only way to stay in the game is to create a strategic business plan ahead of time. Whether it be the future of tech, customer interaction or business strategy, it is a smart move to consider what's coming next. Tech Tech and software design is developing at a rate of naughts. Artificial Intelligence ...
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Online Marketing Services

How to leverage online marketing services to boost your business brand

Today’s online marketing landscape has changed considerably in the last 30 years. Technological advancements are taking businesses away from investing in print advertisements and moving them towards online marketing services that include voice searches and retargeting campaigns. Online consumerism continues to rapidly grow, and brands need to get savvier and smarter with their online marketing activities if they expect to ...
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